Financial Wellness

By offering your employees a financial wellness program that looks at their entire financial picture, you provide a powerful benefit for their well-being and your organization’s bottom line. A recent survey by PwC* reveals some of the top financial concerns weighing on employees’ minds when it comes to finances—and how that may impact your organization:

  • 45% of Millennials (up from 35% in 2016) and 42% of Gen X (up from 31% in 2016) say that student loan debt has a dramatic impact on their ability to meet other financial goals, such as saving for retirement.
  • 50% of all employeessay they don't have enough emergency savings to cover unexpected expenses.
  • 29% of all employees admit they do not think they will be able to retire when they want to.

StoneStreet | Renaissance offers financial wellness consulting to help design a strategic program aimed at improving your employees’ financial health. It’s crucial to design the right plan and promote it effectively to your employees so the level of engagement is high. Our financial wellness consultants stay abreast of the latest developments and options available in the financial wellness field. Each program we design is tailored specifically to your needs and the needs of your employees.

*Source : Employee Financial Wellness Survey, PwC, June 2017


financial wellness programs that aim to improve participant outcomes



Financial Finesse ™

SSRBA is proud to partner with Financial Finesse--an objective workplace education provider to offer plan sponsors turn key financial wellness programs that aim to enhance your plans and to foster lasting improvements in participants financial habits.  Participants have on demand access to a number of resources that drive results in plan participant outcomes: 

  • Online Financial Learning Center and financial wellness assessment that provides a personalized action plan.
  • Financial Helpline coaches available to address individual issues and ti help them take the steps needed to prepare for the future.
  • Workshops and Webcasts sessions delve into key financial topics and offer helpful action items that seek to improve financial habits.
LPL Financial and Financial Finesse are not affiliated entities. 

Health Savings Accounts (HSA Services) 

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a tax exempt private savings account for participants with high deductible health plans.  Designed with the purpose of paying of reimbursing qualified current and future medical, dental or vision costs, an HSA can be a powerful savings tool.

  • HSA funds can be invested and participants ca choose from a wide array of investment choices.
  • HSA's gains are tax-free and funds can rollover or accumulate year over year.  
  • Participants own the HSA so the account moves wherever they go. 

Student Loan Genius ™

One of today's biggest financial hurdles for younger employees entering the workforce is student loan debt.  Student loan benefits are a leading financial wellness opportunity to attract and retain talent.  Low deferrals in the 25-35 age sector are often attributed to high interest loans.  By partnering with Student Loan Genius ™ , SSRBA can the Genius Product line to best suit your companies needs.

  • By simplifying repayment options employees save time and interest.
  • Reducing student loan interest payments helps drive employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Matching programs are available to work towards increasing participation.