Retirement Plan Services

StoneStreet|Renaissance offers a full menu of retirement plan services and fiduciary capabilities that facilitate the long-term success of plan sponsors and plan participants. Let us be your investment fiduciary partner who keeps abreast of the latest developments in the retirement planning space and provides the specialized resources and experience necessary to help you manage your important obligations. We are objective retirement plan consultants who anticipate your needs through the services we provide, which include:


INVESTMENT Policy Statement Review

Have you established goals for your plan? Is the plan designed to towards attaining those goals? Our advisors assist you in developing an outline for your investment program that includes identifying allowable investments for the plan, establishing goals and objectives, determining risk parameters and setting service expectations.

vendor search, selection and monitoring Support

Our extensive knowledge and expertise in retirement plan services can help you evaluate your plan’s service providers for effectiveness and cost efficiency. As plan fiduciaries, you are responsible for ongoing monitoring of vendor relationships as one of your fiduciary duties, a responsibility we can provide support to assist you with. We can also assist in searching for new service providers, negotiating with existing service providers, and developing RFPs.

Investment committee training and due DILIGENCE

Fulfilling your fiduciary responsibilities properly is key to managing liability. It’s important for your investment committee to understand their fiduciary duties and StoneStreet Renaissance can educate the members on strategies to manage those obligations.


Expense Analysis and BENCH MARKING

Do you know if the fees you are paying to your investment and service providers are above average? We can compare your plan's expenses to industry norms. If you are paying too much, we can represent you in the negotiation of fees and, if necessary, develop recommendations for more cost-efficient providers.

Plan Design review and investment monitoring

Keeping up with changes in the retirement plan industry can be daunting. Our job is to keep you informed of changes in legislation, best practices and industry regulation so you can review any impact they may have on your plan. We can also assist with plan compliance and perform essential ongoing review of your plan.

participant enrollment and education Assistance

The best measure of the success of your retirement plan is how well it helps your employees prepare for retirement. Increasing plan utilization helps you address your fiduciary responsibilities while also helping your participants get “retirement ready.” To gauge how your plan measures up, we can perform a comparative analysis to determine its competiveness and overall effectiveness. Employee education is a key element in empowering your participants to be better prepared for retirement. We can assist in the development of strategies to help drive participation, encourage healthy deferral rates and drive overall appreciation for the plan.

Sponsoring a successful retirement plan is an ongoing commitment. Helping your employees become financially healthy can make a real and lasting difference in their lives. Studies have shown a correlation between financial wellness and overall wellness, so it’s important to offer your participants the right tools, education and resources. We can help you maximize your plan design and investment offerings so your employees can participate in their retirement planning with confidence.