Individual Wealth Planing Services 

Planning for your retirement can be an overwhelming task.  At SSRBA we are committed to putting our clients first and we take a proactive approach to help you understand your goals and needs.  Our approach focuses on identifying your overall financial wellness.  Form there we can start to lay out a tailored plan that fits you and your families needs.  Our team will meet with your regularly to review your progress and to determine appropriate next steps and to help make sure your plan stays on track.  

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Establish goals and objectives

What is it that you want to get out of working with a financial advisor?  Together we can look at all of your needs and concerns to start the planning process.  We will look at your current financial situation including cash flow, savings and investments.  Together we will identify your goals. 


INVESTMENT management 

 Our goal is to help you preserve and manage risk over your assets.  By taking a disciplined and diversified approach, we will develop a strategy that seeks to ensure your income needs are met over time, to ensure that your risk is managed in line with your tolerance,  and that your portfolio  is optimized to generate long term growth and so that you can accumulate wealth. 


monitor progress and adjust as necessary

Planning for your future is not a one and done process.  As time changes so do circumstances, that's why it's important to work with an advisor that will have regular meetings to ensure that we keep you on target towards meeting your objectives.